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Minifree D16 Desktop | Ministry of Freedom

Product Description

A secure, high-end desktop that Respects Your Freedom!

Looking for a server? Go to the Libreboot D16 Server page.

Did you know that most modern Intel and AMD computers come with backdoors implanted by the NSA and other agencies? You do now, and it isn’t pretty. And it’s getting worse. Since the Snowden revelations, we know that most hardware platforms contain backdoors or have insecure software that can have exploitable bugs. Most hardware manufacturers intentionally place insecure backdoors into their systems, for profit. With most systems from the large manufacturers, your company is at risk of data theft, corporate espionage or worse. The Libreboot D16 from Minifree changes that!

The Libreboot D16 is the only high-end, business-grade, secure owner-controlled workstation that safeguards your privacy, security and freedom. It runs 100% entirely on free and libre software, from the BIOS, right up to the operating system, drivers and applications. It comes with the free and libre Libreboot BIOS replacement, and Trisquel GNU+Linux, or any other GNU+Linux distribution of your choice (Qubes is fully compatible, with all security features enabled).

The variations here are sold without storage drives. You can purchase them here, and we will install them in your requested configuration:

With all of the software in your system available as source code, this means that anyone – including you – can audit the system for security. The Libreboot D16 also supports advanced security features, such as full hardware IOMMU and PCI passthrough (most other systems do not support it) – this means you’ll get the full security protections offered by Qubes. Your Libreboot D16 obeys you, and nobody else! The Libreboot D16 comes without the Intel Management Engine or AMD PSP!

Shipping worldwide via UPS! (Europe, USA, Canada and Asia included. 2-5 day shipping to most of the world), with a 2 year warranty as standard, and free technical support. Prices are in EUR; if you want another currency, use currency converter and simply pay in that amount in the other currency, at your local bank. provides accurate exchange rates.

The Libreboot D16 is sold in order to raise funding for the Libreboot project. Libreboot stickers are also available to purchase.

The Libreboot D16 runs on high-end, libre hardware. It uses an AMD Opteron 6272 16-core 2.1GHz CPU, with the option to add a 2nd CPU, making 32 cores in total, and it supports up to 128GiB of RAM. (You can also purchase Opteron 6204/6238/6262HE for 120 EUR extra per CPU, or 6284SE for an extra 600 EUR per CPU, or Opteron 6278 2.4GHz 16-core for an extra 500 EUR per CPU. Mention in textbox on checkout). It comes with a high-end, libre-compatible NVidia GTX 660Ti or 670 with 2GiB Video RAM (we will ship the fastest one), fully supported by free software in Libreboot and the Linux kernel, using the nouveau driver. The video card will have at least 1 VGA port and at least 1 DVI port. Where possible, we will ship cards that have HDMI ports, though you can purchase an HDMI to DVI adapter inexpensively.

The Libreboot D16 is highly configurable for your requirements, with 2 NICs and plenty of PCIe and USB slots for further expansion.

With full hardware virtualization supported, and all other features that it has, the Libreboot D16 is not only a secure, NSA-free machine, but it’s also suitable for serious professional software development, 3D rendering and even gaming. It’s perfect for serious professional usage, including in your company. Distributions like Qubes will also run on it.

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) also use a variant of this product on some of their servers!

This is sold on a preorder basis, with a predicted 6 month lead time. This is a very conservative estimate; we will try to ship it within 1 month, but the parts are expensive and some of them have to be imported from foreign countries.

We will install the drives in whichever configuration you request, e.g. RAID1, RAID6, RAID10, etc. NOTE: the D16 has up to 6 SATA ports on the motherboard. The D16 also has 8 SAS ports (the connector is the same as with SATA, and SATA drives can also be used), with the optional PIKE2008 module installed. Contact Minifree for pricing on SAS drives if you need them. NOTE: a non-free option ROM is needed in order to boot from SAS (on SATA connected to a SAS port) via GRUB or SeaBIOS, but the Linux kernel can use it without an option ROM. Therefore, if you require to boot directly from SAS, we can supply a system configured with a Linux kernel payload (e.g. petitboot), bypassing the need for GRUB or SeaBIOS entirely. For most users, SATA is fine.

We supply with the GRUB payload by default, but you can request SeaBIOS payload instead if you want that. Support for the Petitboot payload is planned at a later date.

Disable LibreJS and/or NoScript for this website. The JavaScript is all free (see /licenses/). You need JavaScript enabled to use this website.

The correct power cable will be provided, depending on your country. The connector type is a standard female IEC 60320 C13, with the appropriate plug type for your country’s wall sockets (e.g. UK, Euro, USA, etc).

Your Freedom. Your Libreboot

Libreboot is free software which initializes the hardware in the system and boots your operating system. It replaces the non-free BIOS usually found in most laptops.

Minifree’s founder is also the main libreboot developer (and founder of the libreboot project). Profits from Minifree sales directly fund the libreboot project.

Trisquel GNU+Linux is user-friendly, secure and respects privacy

Trisquel GNU+Linux operating system comes preinstalled. Trisquel comes with all the standard applications for Web browsing, instant messaging, office and productivity, graphics editing, multimedia and more. Thousands of extra applications are also available to install from the Trisquel repositories, using the apt-get package manager provided. It even has games!

For servers, Trisquel is rock-solid and in live production use by many of the largest organisations on earth, including the Free Software Foundation.


This is a new upcoming add-on/extension for the D16, ETA some time in 2017.

FlexVer is a new, owner-controlled security technology designed to safeguard critical data and applications in the event of software or hardware tampering. FlexVer allows a system to be provisioned in a trusted physical environment, then deployed to an untrustworthy physical location while retaining system integrity. Provided that OS-level attack avenues are properly mitigated, for example through the use of TRESOR and similar technologies, FlexVer allows deployment of provisioned systems without concern of hardware and/or software tampering and subsequent extraction of sensitive material — a provisioned system can be guaranteed to be answering only to its previously configured owner, not the owner of the physical space in which the system resides. This is a major departure from prevailing security models, which largely assume that either the possibility of physical access by a malicious actor must result in loss of trust of the affected system, or that trust must be delegated to the system vendor in all situations.

Unlike existing security technologies, FlexVer does not depend on a fully trustworthy vendor for the root of system trust. Recent events have shown that this trustworthy vendor assumption is not valid, and in fact there is strong pressure on all vendors to compromise their root of trust for financial gain, warrant-related data extraction, industrial espionage, and related purposes.

Raptor Engineering, the company developing it, wrote a white paper about it. Read more about FlexVer here (it’s planned for a release on Libreboot D16):

FlexVer is useful in all kinds of environments, including offices and datacentres, where security is critical.


Processor / system bus

Core logic

Memory compatibility (with libreboot)

Expansion slots

Form factor

ASUS features




On board I/O

Back I/O ports

Regulatory compliance





The product picture of the 1u case is a representation only. The final product may look different, but it will be similar. The same applies to the picture of the tower E-ATX case.

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