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Nanobox's New Pricing Free For Developers

Today we're excited to announce a major update to the Nanobox pricing structure. Changes include making all individual accounts free, updated team options, account-wide app upgrades, and new paid support options.

We've found the vast majority of developers who try Nanobox LOVE Nanobox, but the "paywall" has dissuaded many from really giving it a go or trying it at all. We have also found that once developers are on board, they introduce Nanobox into their organizations where it provides even more value.

The new pricing model is designed to give free reign to devs and provide more value to their teams and organizations.

Flat-Rate Accounts

All accounts are now billed a flat monthly fee.

Individual - $0, Free, Nada

That's right, all "Individual" accounts are now free. Deploy applications to your cloud provider of choice at no cost from us. You only pay your hosting provider's raw server costs. Apps launched with individual accounts can use a single server of any size - no more RAM limit. Scaling into horizontal clusters still requires the Scalable upgrade, but more on that below.

Team - $50/mo

Team accounts allow you to collaborate with other team members across all your team's apps. There is no additional cost per team member. Each team member is assigned a role which applies across all team applications.

Business - $100/mo

Business accounts allow you to create groups within your team and grant each group access to specific applications. There is no additional cost per team member. Users assigned to a group only have access to applications assigned to the group. A user's role within the team applies to the applications to which they have access.

Account-Wide App Upgrades

All app upgrades are account-wide rather than per app. There is no longer any "per-app" billing. If you enable the Scalable upgrade, it applies to all apps associated with your user account or team.

Upgrades Stack Through a Progression

Application upgrades are now enabled through a progression. As you enable an app upgrade, it includes the all upgrades before it.

We expect most, if not all, app upgrades to be available before the end of Q1 2018.


We're happy to introduce paid support plans to give you a little more peace of mind in case of emergency.


Every individual/team account comes with access to community support, which includes the Nanobox Slack channel, the Nanobox Forum, and all our Guides and Documentation. The Nanobox community is very active and loves to help.

Basic - $50/mo

The Basic support plan gives you access to the Nanobox ticketing system. Support agents are available during Nanobox business hours (9-5 MST / GMT-7) and tickets have a guaranteed 24-hour response time. Agents are on hand to help with issues related to the Nanobox platform.

Professional - $150/mo

The professional support plan offers 24/7 prioritized ticket support with a guaranteed response time of 4 hours. Agents are on hand to help with issues related to the Nanobox platform.


Dedicated support plans come with 24/7 phone support and a dedicated Slack channel. Our team will work hands-on with your team to configure your app and your infrastructure. For more information and pricing, contact us.

Fully Managed

With Fully Managed support, Nanobox essentially becomes your DevOps team. We configure your app and infrastructure. We monitor your applications and respond to fluctuations in health. We provide weekly usage and health reports. We provide 24/7 phone support and a dedicated Slack channel. For more information and pricing, contact us.

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