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Neo Technology just closed $20M in funding. Here's why its a big deal! - GrapheneDB Blog

Neo Technology, makers of Neo4j, announced their $20M Series C round yesterday, bringing the companys total investment to date to $44M. The funding announcement was covered by popular media such as Techcrunch, Venturebeat, Gigaom, Pando and Forbes. The official press release from Neo Technology is here.

Why graph databases

Companies have identified data-driven operations, and decisions, as keys to success. But we live in an increasingly connected world, and traditional databases cant handle the amount of connected data that holds together our social, personal and professional networks.

Graph databases, on the other hand, outperform traditional databases by factor of thousands when managing complex, connected data. They have inherent advantages in an environment where everything is connected.

Neo Technology makes Neo4j, the market leader in graph databases. With its intuitive query language Cypher, the interactive browser interface introduced in 2.0, and the new ETL functionality introduced in 2.1, Neo4j is moving quickly and acquiring a noticeable head start and consolidating itself as the graph database for apps.

Graph databases are here to stay

Graph databases organize information more intuitively than traditional databases. Developers can query data and ask questions that traditional databases dont. Simply put, theyre built with connectedness in mind.

Graph databases are here to stay, and will be very influential in the coming years. Forrester predicts 25% of the enterprises to be using graph databases by 2017 [1].

An ecosystem of providers around Neo4j is emerging, be it hosting, visualization,or complementary libraries. Over the coming years well continue to see others emerging. Neo4j is a central piece of technology for many companies and these providers bridge certain gaps in the value-add chain that make graph databases easier to adopt, use and extract value from.

Neo Technology knows it, and so do its investors.This funding milestone is another sign of the graph database market picking up steam.

Taking Neo4j to the Cloud

At GrapheneDB, we are big believers in graph databases. Our goal is to make Neo4j technology accessible and easy for developers to use. Thats why we created our hosted database platform.

GrapheneDB is a part of the ecosystem thats emerging around Neo4j technology. We took the core Neo4j technology, built an automated operations layer and a user-friendly interface to manage operational aspects, such as configurations, plugin management, and backups. By taking care of operations, our users are able to focus on developing graph-powered apps and increase their productivity, knowing that they we will make sure their database runs around the clock.

We provide different levels of service, from Hobby, to get started, to Production-grade plans with automatic backups and server monitoring. No matter the app, our platform helps you get graph database instances up and running.

Try us out for free

If data-driven operations and decisions are keys to success, then find out how graph databases can help you. Go to and get started with one of our free plans.

[1] TechRadar(TM): Enterprise DBMS, Q1 2014. Forrester Research. 2-13-14

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