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Epson products sucks, here is why … E-Nouri


So I run out of ink for my printer/scanner Epson Xp-225.I want to print in black some documents that i have to send urgently.

Got to Fnac and bought a XL cartridge. Last one didn’t even last for 50 pages. So I installed the cartridge and I went on my mac to print my documents after paying 23 euros for the XL ink.

Guess what ? The printer will not print unless the 4 cartridge are full. Acutely It won’t print unless you buy the 4 of them. It is 2016 and F**ING EPSON still get with this shit! How ?

I bought black ink, and I wantto print only in black why would I need the other colors ? I don’t even use them! They will dry and I have to buy other ones so I can print in Black.

This is ridiculous! I WILL NEVER BUY ANY OTHER EPSON products again, You should do the same.

Printers are very bolcky, noisy and very expensive and it is the same even in 2016, it is time for a change.



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