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New Macbook PRO? Don't Go There Friend – Tom Anderson

I met Steve Jobs several times back in the MySpace days... Oh Steve, oh Steve. You would not be happy with what is going down in Apple land.

Did you ever make a purchase you regret? Probably. I'm sure I've made a few. Do I remember any of them? Not so much. Not until now!!! Usually I would just return the bad purchase. Unfortunately, I'm out of luck when it comes to this new Macbook. It's the most money I've spent on anything that really did not work out. What a buzz kill.  You're supposed to feel wonderful... MAGICAL when you buy an Apple product. I feel duped. 

Things I dislike about this new machine:

What I spent is immoral. I should have built a library in Nepal with that money. Instead, I bought a junky computer that is slower than the one already have which really was kinda OK.

Why oh why did I not return this Lemon? Well, first I didn't use it right away. It took me awhile to load all the software, and migrate everything over. (I use a lot of stuff for my photo processing workflow.) Then I went on a trip to Japan. A trip where I was constantly visiting Apple stores to pick up dongle after dongle. Having no foresight, I visited a store every time I discovered another device I could not plug in. After all this, I was in some remote location where there was no Apple store. By the time I realized I did not want this laptop, it was too late. Plus I'd filled my new Mac up with all kinds of photos that would be a pain to migrate. 


If you must have an Apple, I'd recommend getting a used one that came out before all this dongle madness. Maybe by the time it feels slow (a few years), Apple will have converted all their products to USB-C, fixed the battery issues in the current Macbook PRO, and sped this thing up.  Thumbs down Apple. I like your phone at least.

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