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So today me and a friend ran "rm -rf --no-preserve-root /" on a MSI Notebook because we wanted to get rid of the pretty bloated Arch installation.Of course we could have just formattedĀ  the root partition and reinstalled Arch. But instead we thought it would be fun seeing the GNOME installation die.We weren't dumb enough to leave important partitions mounted. We unmounted everything except of root (/).

But the unpleasant surprise came when we tried to boot into the BIOS afterwards:It didn't work. The screen stays off, the HDD LED turns on for a second but nothing else happens.

Is it possible that we caused permanent damage to the BIOS by running "rm -rf /" ?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

If it even matters:We had an UEFI/GPT setup with a Windows 10 dualboot. The boot partition was shared and that's why we made sure that it wasn't mounted.

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