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Nylas N1 now has snooze, swipe actions, emoji, and more!

Nylas N1 now has snooze, swipe actions, emoji, andmore!

The best Mailbox replacement app for Mac, Windows, andLinux

Today is the eve of the Mailbox app shutdown we cant believe it! Mailbox was a big inspiration to our team at Nylas, and we know lots of folks are now searching for a new way to stay at inbox zero.

Thats why we decided to incorporate the best Mailbox features into our latest Nylas N1 release! Today were launching:

And as always, its open source and available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Read on below for full details or download Nylas N1 today.

Swipe and Snooze your way to InboxZero

Move through your mail with lightning speed by just swiping to archive or snooze threads! A simple flick of your fingers either dismisses the row, or schedules it to return in a few hours, a few days, or whenever you choose. Fully supported on Mac trackpads and Windows touch-screens.

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