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Woho! We are super excited to announce that for iPhone is now available in App Store! Download it now: 

What can I do with the app? 

Download it now: is a free service for video conversations with multiple participants, without requiring any login. To start a video conversation in you create a room - on a desktop computer you can do it directly in your browser without installing any plugins. Each room has its own unique URL in the form The name can be claimed and customized by the user, e.g. using their name or an occasion: or

As far as we know, we are one of the first services built purely on WebRTC to launch a dedicated iOS app. Since it is currently not possible to get WebRTC-based services like to work in the browser on iOS, we had no choice but to build a native app. We hope that Apple (and Microsoft) will soon add support for WebRTC in their browsers, so that all users will be able to use WebRTC-enabled services. 

We will continually improve the app, so this is just the beginning. Let us know how you like the app on e-mail or Twitter

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