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OpenBazaar Released on the Testnet - OpenBazaar

OpenBazaar Released on the Testnet

March 2, 2016 by OB1 Team

OpenBazaar is now fully functional on the testnet. We welcome rigorous testing from the community to ensure everything is functioning properly. You can download the testnet version here.

After we’re confident of the stability and functionality of the product, we’ll transition to the main net and OpenBazaar will be open for business.


If you want to become a tester, check out the tester’s guide.

The OpenBazaar User Tutorial has an overview of how to use the platform.

The Vendor’s Guide gives more details on how to sell goods and services on the network.


If you need help, visit our help desk.

If you want to chat with someone from the OpenBazaar community for help, or to give feedback on how OpenBazaar is working for you, join our Slack community.

Don’t forget that this is on the testnet and uses testnet bitcoin for the moment. If you need a testnet wallet, we recommend Copay, which is available here on both iOS and Android. If you need testnet coins, you can grab some here for free.

If youd like to notified when OpenBazaar launches for real trade, drop your email here.

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