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Criminal Justice Project

As part of a new initiative, the Sunlight Foundation has amassed an inventory of publicly-available criminal justice data we've collected from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the federal government. With that inventory, we created Hall of Justice, a resource for exploring the data and information weve identified.

Click here to go to Hall of Justice.

To see a data dictionary see this page. To read through the the methodology for this project, click here.

At Sunlight, weve long been champions of the general idea that access to data makes things better. And we know thats especially true in policy areas such as criminal justice. While public access to information is the gold standard when trying to establish accountability and transparency, work still needs to be done. Instilling a culture of uniform data collection that takes advantage of technology and digital tools is a very important first step for much of law enforcement today.

Cost-saving measures, alternatives to incarceration and an increase in public safety are all reasons for creating better access to and knowledge of the criminal justice data that exists. If any of the data or the issues mentioned here interests you at all, please visit the Sunlight Foundations criminal justice inventory, Hall of Justice to see what might be out there.

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