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The United Slate: Petition for Smarter Infrastructure

Petition for Smarter Infrastructure

We have a big housing problem in California and Id like to explore running a ballot initiative in 2018 that will help alleviate this crisis. For the next few weeks Im going to propose policies that I think could help.

Please sign this petition if you think the below policy makes sense if we get a lot of support, we will pursue it.

Part of Californias housing problem is an infrastructure problem.

Our traffic is some of the worst in our country, and our public transit systems are not very good. This hurts our productivity, damages our environment, and has a profoundly negative impact on quality of life.

If we unclog our infrastructure we can spread out to more of the state and increase the supply of developable land. There is lots of land in this state, but only a small amount is close to jobs. If we make it easier to quickly travel longer distances in/out of work hubs, the intense demand for housing can be diffused to communities that can handle it. This will lead to a lower cost of housing and economic growth throughout the state.

We should double our annual infrastructure budget. We can fund this by stopping the high-speed rail, and spend the $68+ billion we are planning to spend on that on better local rapid transit systems, improved bus lines, and new roads instead. This will allow people to live in more affordable housing and have a better quality of life.

A lot more people need this more than they need a train from LA to SF. In any case, the train is yesterdays technology. By the time its completed, we will have new and much better technology, like high-speed self-driving cars, electric airplanes, and maybe even Hyperloops.

If you would support a proposition to cancel the bullet train and spend that money on better infrastructure, sign the petition below. If you have comments, please share them here.

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