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Database Friends: Favorite Relational Database

Last week we conducted a small research in the form of a poll: "What is your favorite


?". The poll received more responses than anticipated – a little bit over 900 votes were submitted. The topic in question can induce flame wars, but this time it passed without major incidents. There were several attempts to vote for MongoDB, which is not a relational database management system, so we had to remove it from results. MongoDB is often considered a contentious subject when speaking in context of relational databases. To put in

redditor's day_cq sarcastic words


"mongodb all the way. full web scale power. i think mongodb should be written in nodejs to take advantage of event driven nature of fast web scale loop. and gruntjs and lessc and uglifyjs adds full power to angulrjs real time web scale RDBMS."

If you don't see a chart below, please view it here: 

Favorite relational database management system

. Full results are 

shared publicly

 and we would like to invite you to create your own representation of the data.

Thank you all for participating!

Update: Tyson Hollas has submitted a better representation of the data.

See the chart below.

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