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Pushing your website to Android without an App | Beacon Freaks

Starting off with the “Internet of Things” can be hard. Making it work for an office can be even harder.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to reach out to people in your office and passerby. We will be doing this by sending a notification to an Android user all without making an app or touching a line of code.

A few things to note before we start:

Once you have setup the beacon, you will not need any app to receive the notification.

Now that we have that sorted, let’s get started.

First thing you will want to do is generate your short url. EDDYSTONE-URL (the beacon spec we will be using) can only send 17 characters, hence why we will be using a url shortener. Go to (url shortener by google, but any will do) and enter the url of the site you want to send. For this example we will be using, but it could be anything and as long as you want.

Enter your url, click “I’m not a robot” then “SHORTEN URL”. A dialog box will then show up like this

Keep note of the short url ( as we will need this later.

Next you will want to set up your beacons to transmit this url. For this we can use EDDYSTONE-UID so that we can the remotely manage the url and title remotely. In this example we will be using Estimote location beacons.

So first thing is to fire up the app and select a beacon.

Scroll down until you see EDDYSTONE-UID.

Here you will want to Enable the transmission of this packet type. Next you will want to open up Beacon Tools to register the beacon to your Google account.

Scan and click on your beacon. It should be titled with EDDYSTONE-UID

Click on the grey bar and then click register. This has now registered the beacon to your google account. Now we can set up the url from the Beacon Dashboard.

From the beacon list click the newly registered beacon. Then from the overflow menu near the name select Nearby Notifications

From there we will want to enter some information into the form.

Title: This will be the title of the notification.

Description: Description of the website.

Language: this is a two letter code for the language the website is in. e.g. en for english.

Next is a toggle to turn it on for everyone (production) or just yourself (developer)

Web URL: This is where we enter the short url we generated at the start of the article. (

Then hit create. This will take a few minutes to roll out, so be patient.

Now a you will receive a notification every time you come in range of the beacon.

It also comes up on Android wear

And that’s it. Now you can advertise your business website for passerby without them having installed an app.

In our next article we will be doing iOS notifications without an app.

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