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RegData – QuantGov

RegData: A QuantGov Product

Industry-Specific Analysis of Regulation at the Federal, State, and International Levels

RegData 3.0 is the newest dataset from the RegData Project. This dataset quantifies the number of individual restrictions in an administrative code and determines both which industries are targeted by those regulatory restrictions and which agencies issued the restrictions. The users guide to RegData 3.0 can be found here and a short history of the RegData project can be found here.

Future versions will include further refinements and expansions. Sign up for the QuantGov mailing list to receive updates by email, or check this page for future updates.

If you use RegData 3.0, please cite the following: McLaughlin, Patrick A., and Oliver Sherouse. 2017. QuantGovA Policy Analytics Platform.

If you use RegData 2.2, please cite the following: Al-Ubaydli, Omar, and McLaughlin, Patrick A. 2015. RegData: A Numerical Database on Industry-Specific Regulations for All United States Industries and Federal Regulations, 19972012. Regulation & Governance 11 (1): 10923.

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