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Scala 2.12 roadmap | The Scala Programming Language

June 30, 2014

Scala 2.12 will require Java 8. Heres how we plan to make this transition as smooth as possible.




Shared features between Scala 2.11 (under a flag) & 2.12

Features exclusive to Scala 2.12: more Java 8 fun

Development of the following features starts in 2015. Since they are binary incompatible, they cant be backported to 2.11.


Scala 2.10.5 (Q4 2014) will be the last 2.10 release. Were planning five 2.11.x releases in 2014, and a few more in 2015 (we’re still deciding on when to EOL 2.11.x). At Typesafe, 2.12 development will begin with infrastructure work in Q4 2014, with our development focus shifting to 2.12 in 2015.

      2.10.0 04/01/2013 First 2.10.x release 2.11.0 16/04/2014 First 2.11.x release 2.11.1 19/05/2014   2.11.2 21/07/2014   2.11.3 29/09/2014   2.10.5 Q4 2014 Last 2.10.x release 2.12.0-M1 24/11/2014   2.11.4 Dec 2014   2.12.0-M{2,3,4} Q{1,2,3} 2015 quarterly 2.12.0-Mx releases 2.12.0-M5 Oct 2015   2.12.0-RC1 Nov 2015 (1 year after M1) 2.12.0 Jan 2016  

During the development of Scala 2.11, we’ve made big steps forward in automating our release process and regression testing via our Community Build which builds 1M LOC of popular open source projects. Both the release script and the community builds are also run on a nightly basis.

As such, as of Scala 2.11.1, we’ve decided to skip Release Candidates for 2.x.y releases where y > 0. This enables more frequent minor releases on a predictable schedule.

(This roadmap was published on 30 June 2014.)

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