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Missing Scientist Found Hiding in Drug Lab |


A Couple from Cottage Grove, Minnesota discovered a man living inside a secret laboratory inside their basement. On Friday, May 15th 2015 officers with the Warrington County Sheriffs Office went to the Morgan familys home after receiving a call reportinga possible break in. When the officers pulled up they saw the Morgan Family standing by the road.

They ran up to us and said they heard a man shouting inside their basement and thats when they called it in to 911 Said Captain Bruce Normans with the Warrington County Sheriffs Office.

Officers say that they could hear the man yelling in the basement the moment they entered the Morgans home. But when they moved cautiously into the basement they saw nothing. However theycould hear banging sounds coming from behind the northern wall of the Morgan familys basement, specifically echoing from behind a large storage cabinet.

It was a very odd situation. We assumed the possibility that a vagrant may have been trapped behind the cabinet and needed help Officer Jim Catelli told Channel 6 news.

When the Officers moved the large metal cabinet they uncovered an entry way to a large hidden room in the basement. The room was full of various science equipment along with a terrified, elderly man. The 83 year old man was identified as Dr. Winston Corrigan, a chemistry professor from the University of Minnesota who went missing in the fall of 1984 and was a previous resident of the home.

He had clearly been living down there for a long time and had suffered severe psychological trauma.. probably from not socializing with anyone for a whileor from ingesting a lot of the drugs I dont know if he had been living down there since the 80s but I wouldnt doubt it Said EMT personnel Landon Choler.

Dr. Winston is currently being held at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis for observation. Hewill eventually be sent to the state psychiatric ward in Prairie Hills Clinic where he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine the extent of any psychological damageand possibly reintroduced to modern society.

I just cant believe it.its just so odd. The family that used to live there moved because they said the house was haunted so I guess that makes sense now. Said a neighbor who had lived next door for 33 years.

The Police recoveredover $500,000 worth of lab equipment stolen from the University, along with 3 hand guns, an assault rifle, 50 years worth of military grade rations and twelve 55 gallon barrels (including three almostempty barrels) of what DEA labs have identified as pure liquid Lysergic acid diethylamide, a powerful hallucinogenic drug more commonly known as the street name LSD or Acid. It has yet to be determined if the empty barrels are contributed to personal long term use or if the product was sold over a dial-up AOL connection over the AlphaBay Market.

It is not yet known if or when Dr. Winston will be convicted of any crime.

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