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Didi Challenge | Udacity

About the Challenge

Udacity is building an open source self-driving car , and were challenging you to contribute! Join this competition and help us build the world's first open source autonomous vehicle !

We are launching a first-of-its kind competition with Didi Chuxing. The focus will be on a core feature of self-driving cars—the Automated Safety and Awareness Processing Stack (ASAPS), which identifies stationary and moving objects from a moving car, using data that includes Velodyne point cloud, radar objects, and camera image frames.

Your challenge? Create a redundant, safe, and reliable system for detecting hazards, that allows for pedestrian, vehicle, and general obstacle detection useful to both human drivers and self-driving car systems.

Anyone from anywhere around the world is invited to participate. The challenge has two rounds, the first of which begins on March 22, 2017. The winning team will receive $100,000 in cash, and have the opportunity to see their code in action on Udacitys Self-Driving car.

Winners will be subject to the terms and Official Rules .

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