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Inmate Charge Report

} ?> // Begin open charges section $lcDetailsSQL,$lrsDetails,$lnDetails; // Open Charges for selected inmate // Query to retrieve open charges details $lcDetailsSQL="SELECT bkg_nbr,offense_desc,charge_count,arraign_date, (case rtrim(bond_type)"._; " when 'CBO' then 'CASH BOND ONLY' when 'BKT' then 'BLANKET BOND' when 'PG' then 'PURGE' else '' "._; "end) as bond_type_descrip, intake_datetime,court_case_nbr,release_datetime,dispo_code,"._; "(case when convert(int,dispo_code) in (8,9,10,12,13,15) or c.bond_amount is Null or c.bond_amount=0 "._; " then '

no bond available

' "._; " else '$'+Convert(varchar(25),c.bond_amount,1)+' ' end) as bond_amount "._; " FROM tblCharges c where pin_nbr='".str_replace("'","''",$lrsInmates["pin_nbr"])."' "._; " ORDER BY bkg_nbr,convert(int,charge_count),offense_desc"; // We are now done with inmate bio info, so we close the record set $lrsInmates.close; // Initialize counter $lnDetails=0; // Execute query to retrieve open charges details set $lrsDetails=$acJail.execute($lcDetailsSQL); // Begin display of headers ?> // Loop thru results of open charges query's details do until $lrsDetails.$eof; $lnDetails=$lnDetails+1; ?> ">=$lrsDetails["bkg_nbr"]?> =$lrsDetails["offense_desc"]?> =$lrsDetails["arraign_date"]?> =$lrsDetails["dispo_code"]?> =$lrsDetails["bond_amount"]?> =$lrsDetails["bond_type_descrip"]?>

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