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GitHub - wkcamp/Combo: A simple Python package manager

#Combo A simple Python package manager.

##Installation Use virtualenv for package isolation.

To install, download the zip, unzip and run in the Combo package:

python install

I'll make this available to pip when the test suite is done.

For sanity, keep your Combofile in your project root.

    The Rest of Your Project

List all your combo commands with:

combo help

##Example Usage ####Sample Combofile A sample Combofile looks like:

Package.Name: Version Version

####Getting Started To get started with Combo, use:

combo init

This will create a Combofile with all your current pip-installed files in your current directory. Note: For the rest of the commands to work, you need to execute the combo command in the directory in which the Combofile resides. ####Installing a package You have two options. One you can run pip install some.package and then combo write, or you can write the package and version (e.g. some.package: versionNumber)in your Combofile that you wish to be installed and run: combo install

####Uninstalling a package Do not run pip uninstall ____ -- This is not yet supported, but will be soon. For now, delete the package from your Combofile, then run: combo uninstall.

####Upgrading a package Package versions designated by the ">=" symbol will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of that specified package. To only upgrade those packages run: combo upgrade. **Running combo install to upgrade is not recommended.

####Uninstalling all packages If you wish to uninstall everything, you can run combo reset. This command will also uninstall Combo. Pip will prompt you with all the (yes/no) uninstall questions. Even if you say no, your Combofile will be deleted.

##Contributing I would really appreciate contributions and recommendations. Currently the test suite isn't well written yet and I can't accept PR's until those tests are completed. Feel free to submit a PR to write those tests.

Unfortunately, if you aren't submitting PR's that are test oriented, I will not merge them directly with the master branch. (I will look at them and possibly add them in myself.)

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