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microM8 - Enhanced Apple IIe Emulator Download – microM8


microM8 is provided _without_ any warranty, expressed or implied (it’s a free download!) As such, Paleotronic is not responsible for any damage microM8 may cause to your computer, file system or operating system (but we expect none of that to ever happen, fingers crossed.) Paleotronic is also not responsible for any loss of data you store on Paleotronics servers (but we do our best to keep backups just in case). Users must be at least 13 years old to create a microLink account (because you might interact with other people you don’t know, and we don’t know!) By using microM8 you accept these terms.



Thank you for downloading the beta version of microM8! Enhancements are coming all the time — but don’t worry, microM8 is auto-updating so you’ll never miss a beat.

Currently microM8 features full-screen 128k Apple IIe emulation with decent compatibility, USB and mouse-controlled joystick support, cloud disk library), 3D camera support, 3D LOGO, enhanced BASIC interpreters, custom file browser and editor, and remote screen sharing.

Check out the Quick Start page for some tips and basic control keys.

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