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Math Attack - Apps on Google Play

The world is under attack by an alien species. It is up to you and your assistant to save the world by cracking their code and destroying their weapons.Match the numbers on the enemy balloons to destroy them.Available numbers and mathematical operations change every level.Destroy the enemy balloons before they reach the ground.Destroying the enemy balloons multiply your combo meter.Changing a number, changing an operation or missing a balloon will reset your combo meter.Try to keep your combo meter at x16 for more points.A game without mistakes is a Perfect! game.5 Perfect! games in a row gives an extra life.Bar on the top left shows how much of the level is left.Red parts of the progress bar represent balloons on screen.Green parts of the progress bar represent balloons you've hit.Empty parts of the progress bar represent balloons are yet to spawn.Balloons with the same number will get hit together.Day/Night cycle is just for fun :)Reach the maximum level before new levels are released.If you like Math Attack! share it with your friends.Have fun!

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