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GitHub - turbo/gitbrag: git-brag feeds your ego by listing important companies from your repo's stargazers.

GitBrag 2

GitBrag polishes your ego by listing stargazers from important (F500) companies on your repo. There was an earlier version of this, with a badge service. I took it down after some 11k badges were created, as it didn't really work. I also think GitHub wasn't too happy about the web scraping.


This page is permanent and can be recreated at any time by calling the above URL again. Search engines can't index this page. The company names have tooltips with the usernames of the stargazers.

It now uses the GitHub GraphQL API, and will try to get as many star entries as possible, which is why you need to login.


This is just the source code, to use it, go here and enter your repo, e.g. turbo/js.


You can deploy this yourself on any PHP host. Just create a GitHub app, and put the details into config.php in the same dir:


define('BASE_URL', '');
define('CLIENT_ID', '??');
define('CLIENT_SECRET', '??');

Now you can play some GitHub Top Trumps ;-).

Oh and please don't take this too seriously, it's just a bit of fun.

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