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The Gopher Browser for Windows Client

The Gopher Browser for Windows Client

The Gopher protocol is far from dead - there are many enthusiasts still maintaining Gopher sites (or 'holes' as they are known) across the internet. Gopher can be thought of as a predecessor of the World Wide Web, you navigate via a set of structured menus with clickable entries, and these entries either take you to another menu, or to a resource such as file or picture.

The Gopher Browser for Windows Client is an easy way to experience the world of Gopher on any Windows machine, providing it is running Windows XP or higher (upto and including Windows 10). Explore the screenshots below, and if you like what you see, download the zipfile containing Gopher Browser for Windows via this link:

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the zipfile (above).
  2. Extract the contents to an empty folder
  3. Run GopherBrowser.exe

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