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Nordic Pucks

Raspberry Pi took the maker community by storm when it launched in 2012. With its internet access it allowed small projects to be internet-of-things enabled. We have created a platform to take this one step further.

Our platform, called the Puck platform, is an internet of things platform for mbed. mbed makes it easy to program embedded hardware for people new to embedded systems. Our platform is built upon the first mbed chip with Bluetooth LE, created by Nordic Semiconductor. We hope to create a community around these BLE devices where people contribute to the project, and share their designs with each other. Everything is open-source, of course, with lots of supporting materials.

The Raspberry Pi of Bluetooth LE

We make it easy to rapidly prototype and develop Bluetooth LE enabled devices - get up and running in under 10 lines of code, written directly in the browser.

Whether you want to monitor your door to tell if its open or closed, or maybe your want to text your wife when you leave work, together, nows the time to make that project.

Weve developed a handful of awesome examples to demonstrate the platform. These examples are named Pucks. By talking to the internet through your smartphone, the barrier to creating your own Internet of Things device is lower than ever.

We have tutorials on how each of these pucks are made that you can find on this webpage. All these pucks are made possible by the nRF51822, a Bluetooth LE-enabled mbed development board. Buy it here to get started!.

Click here to go to the projects mbed page.

The basic puck!

All pucks act as beacons, broadcasting information to any device nearby. Leave a puck in your bedroom, and your smartphone can automatically go to silent mode for the night, as well as set an alarm for the following day.

The cube puck!

With a single rotation you can change the function of the room youre in.

The IR puck!

Command any infrared device.

The IR Puck can mimic arbitrary infrared remote controls, and receive commands over Bluetooth LE. This enables your smartphone to control other devices like TVs, DVD-players and air-conditioners.

Use this together with the cube, and the cube becomes a remote control for your IR equipment.

The display puck!

Display any text or black/white image on an e-paper display.

Display the current weather on this puck when youre nearby, or display an up-to-date bus schedule at any time for your local bus stop. The possibilities are endless!

To get started making your own pucks, you can have a look at our location puck tutorial.

Buy the nRF51822 mbed development board here to get started! It can also be purchased from the following vendors providers

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