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Rapid-mvp-standards by niftylettuce

Rapid MVP Standards

TLDR; This is a no-BS document defining rapid MVP standards. It is based on my experiences, successes/failures over the past eight years in leading a rapid MVP startup/project/team, hyper-focused on apps. This perspective of "success" and "failure" is purely based on ability to rapidly ship an MVP and test its viability - it is not based on any other factors, such as revenue. Comments and pull requests are welcome. Enjoy. Sponsored by Clevertech.



The lifecycle of a project is typically short-lived, stressful, and uncertain.

This is due to various reasons related to internal (team/culture) and external (product/market-fit) problems.

Usually (from my experience), failure is a result of not focusing on what users want; not focusing on the core MVP product and getting distracted along the way.

Failure is not due to a lack of funding. Funding for a project is easily obtained (if team is stellar, product is solid, and product-market fit is spot on).

Failure is due to a lack of focus, dedication, and relentless shipping as fast as humanly possible (your health is definitely affected).

Failure is due to not thoroughly testing the project, the functionality, the core features.

Failure is due to giving up, to not staying committed, to not ensuring the team is dedicated.

Failure is due to not planning in advance, not thinking ahead, not expecting the unexpected.

The purpose of this document is to inspire, to serve as a guide and to add whimsical enthusiasm for a successful project.

Its purpose is to help you define standards and to achieve greatness with your team while building apps in the quickest amount of time possible.

Types of Standards

I have divided project standards into ten (10) categories:

Tool Standards

Total cost of essential tools per month: $45/mo Other yearly costs: $22 Total estimated yearly costs: $562 ($45*12 + $22)

Development Standards

Design Standards

Project Management Standards

Launch Standards

Testing Standards

Analysis Standards

Growth Standards

Funding Standards

Random Standards

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