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Advantages Of DeuSu

No Ads

The high usage of adblockers has clearly shown that people don't like to see ads. DeuSu doesn't show any ads. This has added benefits for your privacy, as no ads also means that there is no need for cookies or any other tracking-methods.


DeuSu does not store any IP-addresses. The entire website uses HTTPS. There are also no cookies.


DeuSu is Open-Source. It is completely open how DeuSu works. You can download the source-code from GitHub.

DeuSu Has Its Own Search-Index

DeuSu has more than two billion WWW-pages in its own search-index.  Many other search-engines which have good privacy are either meta search-engines or use just a single other search-index. These search-engines are completely depending on the goodwill of the search-engines whose index they use.  Due to its own search-index DeuSu is completely independent.  There is even a free API which you can use for your own purposes.

DeuSu Needs Your Help

Financed Through Donations

As DeuSu doesn't show ads, financing is done through donations.  Running DeuSu is surprisingly cheap though. It only takes about 300 per month.  You can find out how to to donate here.

More People Need To Hear About DeuSu

Even if you don't want - or simply cannot afford - to donate, you can still help by spreading the word about DeuSu.  Tell your friends and relatives about DeuSu. Mention DeuSu on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. Indirectly you will be helping to finance DeuSu that way, as more users means more potential donors. And after all DeuSu exists to be used.

DeuSu Is Operated Privately

DeuSu is operated by a single person. I don't have the financial means to pay for it myself. Without your help I will not be able to continue to do this.  So please help me with your donations or by spreading the word about DeuSu, so that I can continue to provide you with this ad-free and privacy-friendly alternative to the big search-engines.  Thank you!

© Copyright 2016 Michael Schbel

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