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Open Source Machine Learning & Recommendation Engine

Welcome to Seldon. Our mission is to make the world a better place with machine intelligence. We do this by helping organisations deploy and optimise machine learning and deep learning models that power intelligent apps and services, deliver actionable insightsand solve big problems faster.

Seldon is the data science infrastructure stack that you have been dreaming about based on Kubernetes and containerized microservices; it scales horizontally in production in the most demanding enterpriseenvironments, and you have full control to customise and operationalize your models faster on-premise or in the cloud.

Seldon supports models built with TensorFlow, Keras, Vowpal Wabbit, XGBoost, Gensim and any other model-building tool it even supports models built in most commercial applications. Seldon’s team and community are passionatesupportersof open source technologies, and that’s why Seldonin built on leading open-source components including Spark, Kafka, InfluxDB and Zookeeper.

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