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Vicilog (Open-source)


Vicilog is a small tool that recreate a release notes built on Github idea. It offers a really easy-to-use command-line interface, and based on your input Vicilog can be used as professional realase system (or that is what Vicilog is heading to). The best news? It is open-source based on GNU General Public License V2.0

Vicilog CLI

    vicilog --help      | usage instruction
    vicilog --new       | new project
    vicilog --new         project name
    vicilog --comp      | compile project
    vicilog --comp        project name
    vicilog --abt       | show about
    vicilog --tag       | list all tags
    vicilog --v         | show version info



cd ~
git clone
chmod 777 -R vicilog/

Optionally, you may create a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin.


Basic help

$ ruby vicidex.rb --help
 _    __________________    ____  ______
| |  / /  _/ ____/  _/ /   / __ \/ ____/
| | / // // /    / // /   / / / / / __  
| |/ // // /____/ // /___/ /_/ / /_/ /  

Vicilog v eq_v // Changelog / Buildtool
Use argument --help for details

$ ruby vicilog.rb --help | usage / this menu
$ ruby vicilog.rb --new  | new project
                  --new    project_name
$ ruby vicilog.rb --comp | compile / new build
$ ruby vicilog.rb --comp   project_name
$ ruby vicilog.rb --abt  | about the project
$ ruby vicilog.rb --v    | version info
$ ruby vicilog.rb --tag  | for tag list

New project

Create a new folder / project and copy default data. Expected argument is project_name, which is folder name, in this case myproject.

$ ruby vicidex.rb --new myproject
[strip header]
Use argument --help for details

Vicilog is currently creating new project ...
Copying necessery files ...
New project sucesfully built! Run --comp project_name to compile new changes!

Compile a project

This function expect argument project_name which is folder we created before (using --new). Use this function to compile a new release notes, the Vicilog CLI will ask you question about released package. You can repeat this procedure and add new release notes to the project by running the same command.

After that, the function will generate JSON and import it into changelog data. Some of the options are there just for fun, for e.g. lulz, which is easter egg and can be accessed only if we look through source code of JSON. The other options are there for future production of Vicilog.

Watch the video bellow to get a future understanding of compiled data. The image bellow is an example of the output.

$ ruby vicidex.rb --comp myproject
[strip header]
Use argument --help for details

Please enter the build/changelog title:

List available tags

$ ruby vicidex.rb --tag
[strip header]
Use argument --help for details

[+] Available tags [+]
  new       | for new functionality
  fixed       | for fixed functions or bugs
  improved    | for improved functions
  removed     | for removed functions or bugs
  added       | for new availability
[+] Usage [+]
Use the tags in brackets when adding e.g.
[fixed] Memory leak @ onLoad() function

Available at GitHub

Release notes (powered by Vicilog)

To-do process

Support, Bugs, And Feature Requests

Create issues here in GitHub (

License & Legal

Coded by dn5.

Licensed under the GNU General Public v2 license.

Contribution welcome! :-)

Vicilog is maintained by dn5, official blog available here.

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