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skype-open-source2: Call to donate

Hello everyone!

For the last six months we have shown good progress, thanks to the team of safetyjabber (very nice IM, based on OpenPGP and XMPP), who supported me financially. But now, I have to ask you help.

I schedule the release of a fully functional (well, without features) Skype network compatible client for September 1st, 2016.

Now, I need ask you a favor. I should ask you to support me to finish it on time. For this, I need $3000.

Yes, it is a expensive stuff, so you will get some candy in return, i mean:

1) You will be noted at "Hall of The Fame" on this site as skype reversing supporters. With any additional notes if you want (greetings, etc).

2) And much more, and much tasty, you will be listed at "about" page of EpycsMessanger (working name, skype in reverse symbols order), first even done skype network compatible messanger.

Or you can remain anonymous.

Please visit the



Special page for paypal donate:

My contacts:

skype: xot_iam



Thank you!

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