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skype-open-source2: Skype protocol dumps


here is my research on skype protocol. Some words about what is it. I do patches to skype binary to log send/recv binary data transfered on network. And then i found place where is decoded to RC4. And patch that to log data before RC4. I do so with AES also. Then, i write program to decode 4142 blob serialization (4142pack). And log all this plain text blob communication in sequence for get plain text p2p chat protocol.

You can see example of it here:

Next, i look at it, and down all that i see, i mean, meaning part at paper. For better understanding. And then scan this papers to not forget or lost it. So, here is it. Maybe for someone of yours it will be interesting. It just plain blobs arounded with brackets for better encapsulation understanding. It is mostly in english with a bit of russian text.

You can download it here:

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