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<Now Go Bang!> Snowflake Archeology (DEC PDP-1)

Snowflake is a small graphics program written for DEC PDP-1 somewhen in the early to mid 1960s. Its author remains to date unknow, despite all efforts, which is pretty much a pity, since s/he deserves recognition. In essence, Snowflake is a kaleidoscopic program, mapping a list of moving points multiple times onto the screen in a starlike manner. It may be even the first of these programs. However, several programmers of the day experimented with the graphics capabilities of the PDP-1 and its Type 30 CRT display, amongst them Marvin Minsky, Ben Gurley (the PDP-1’s ingenious designer), and David Mapes (see below). For sure, it’s an early specimen of the species.