The last time Hackerfall tried to access this page, it returned a not found error. A cached version of the page is below, or click here to continue anyway just released their updated enrollment numbers [1]. 7.75 million people have selected plans. 4.5 million of those were auto-renewals, leaving 3.25 million people who have signed up this year.

Over 110,000 have come through HealthSherpa, meaning that our 8-person, seed-stage startup has processed more than 3% of total new enrollments this year.

That's more enrollments than 13 of the 17 state exchanges completed all of last year [2].

According to Bloomberg, itself has cost over $2.1 billion so far [3], and per Kaiser Health News again, there are 14,000 call center agents [4].

Pretty wild, huh?

[Edit]: Some confused visitors in CA & NY have asked why HealthSherpa has limited functionality in their states. CA, NY and about a dozen other states have their own exchanges, which don't support third-party integration. To see HealthSherpa in action, try a state like Florida (example zip code


) or Texas (e.g.



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