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OpenTerm on the AppStore

A good start...

Jun 24, 2018

This is concept is exactly what I have wanted for a loooong time... a chroot UNIX shell on iPad would turn it into a functional development environment... For all Apple likes to claim that an iPad can replace a laptop, the lack of a functional UNIX environment is a non-starter for most engineers, and this app has a lot of potential to fix that.

Despite that potential, this is VERY incomplete, and is not anywhere near being a fully functional UNIX shell. At a minimum:

* gcc with libraries

* make

* vim

* ssh/scp with password support instead of requiring rsa keys

* support for more than one sandbox, and sudo/permission to write to the sandbox

After that, anything else becomes download and install yourself if you really want it, but bonus points would be the setup of an apt/rpm depot for software that can be installed in the sandbox, and a way for their community to contribute to it.

FWIW: I am excited about the potential of this app, and if it were to become a fully functional UNIX sandbox on iPad, I would pay a premium price for the upgrade. Its just not there yet.

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