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Just Jar

Some offices have a Swear Jar. Every time someone swears they put a dollar in the jar.

At my company we have a Just Jar. When someone says just they owe a dollar. This jar is placed in the middle of the table during engineering meetings.

I cant possibly recommend this enough. Having a Just Jar is delightful and legitimately useful.

Its easy to shout the first thing that comes to mind. Meetings can spiral into multiple people talking over each other with can you just, what if you just, then just.

The Just Jar forces you to pause. The answer isnt just. Pausing gives you time to think before you speak. Which is often enough time to realize why it wont work.

The Just Jar is also darned good fun! Sometimes you know youll owe a dollar but you say it anyways. Ive been known to pull out a dollar with a shameful, sly grin before I start to talk. Everyone has a good laugh.

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