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The ELF Virus Writing HOWTO

The ELF Virus Writing HOWTO


Copyright © 2002, 2003 by Alexander Bartolich

This document describes how to write parasitic file viruses infecting ELF executables. Though it contains a lot of source code, no actual virus is included. Every mentioned infection method is accompanied with a practical guide to detection.

Viruses are not a threat to Linux! [1]

A quote from Rick's Rant on anti-virus software: [2]

The problem with answering this question is that those asking it know only OSes where viruses, trojan-horse programs, worms, nasty Java scripts, ActiveX controls with destructive payloads, and ordinary misbehaved applications are a constant threat to their computing. Therefore, they refuse to believe Linux could be different, no matter what they hear. And yet it is.

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