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The Glory of Grinder P.S. I Love You

Here are possible scenarios for what will happen next:

Scenario #1: Joel becomes a mainstream opinion leader. Grindr leads a new social movement. Grindr doubles in size and revenue. And then doubles again and again. Society transforms. Politicians and policy changes. Everyone is able to express themselves and get what they want, regardless of gender, race, or religion.

Scenario #2: Professional management takes over. Joel becomes a figurehead. The MBA types optimize financial metrics.

Scenario #3: Kunlun takes over. They get tired of hearing excuses. They move Grindr to China.

Scenario #4: Grindr muddles through in more or less its present form. It makes incremental improvements to the app. It extracts more revenue from its free customers by optimizing ads. It spreads to more countries.

Scenario #5: Collapse. Startup competitors take advantage of Grindrs complacency.

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