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Debt covenants can be scary. If you trip a covenant such as minimum net revenue, minimum liquidity, or minimum EBITDA, youre in default. Your lender: i) will look to you to remedy the situation immediately (perhaps by raising more equity which means dilution); ii) may increase the pricing of the loan in the form of…Read More


Entrepreneurs are always looking for Strategic Investors corporate VC such as Intel, Verizon, SAP, Microsoft, etc. The view is that these investors provide not only capital, but also guidance on the product roadmap, engineering/dev resources, critical introductions, and theyre often customers themselves. For instance Cloudera was 22% owned by Intel prior to the IPO.…Read More


Recently we met a company with phenomenal net revenue retention. They almost never lose a customer and have a tremendous level of upgrades, easily outpacing churn and downgrades. Below are key learnings from their customer success team:   Frequent contact is critical. The Company has weekly meetings with all of their big accounts. Smaller accounts…Read More


A founder of a startup at the seed stage recently asked so whats the right amount of equity to give to advisors? The answer is none. Here is why.   No one cares who your advisors are. Were a Series A investor and never have I ever asked so who are your advisors? Its just…Read More


SaaS Capital, a lender to software businesses, put out an excellent research piece which examined the performance of publicly traded SaaS businesses during the recession. The 3 page research report is well worth the read, and we decided to summarize some of the findings. Below is the data and under that are observations.   The…Read More


Recently we spoke to Austin Eudaly, founder of Tom & Sheris Products, Inc. which produces a premium wrinkle releaser spray for clothing for consumers. Founded in Dallas where the company also does the bottling, Tom & Sheris is off to a strong start. Austin shared with us his experience and insight in starting an ecommerce/CPG…Read More


Software Equity Group just released their quarterly view of the SaaS market. SEG is a well respected M&A advisory firm and investment bank, and their quarterly review of the SaaS market is well worth the read. Below are the key take-aways from the report:   Growth continues to be strong. The median revenue of the…Read More


We follow 59 publicly traded internet companies in different industries including social media, marketplaces, content distribution, gaming, ecommerce, payments, and new hardware. The one thing these companies all have in common is that consumers are a customer/critical constituent in the business model. Given the diversity of industries, the multiples vary. Below is the data along…Read More


Recently I read Once Youre Lucky, Twice Youre Good by Sarah Lacy. Its a fantastic book about the re-emergence of Silicon Valley after the tech bubble in 2001. The book is well worth a full read and I highly recommend it. Below are snippets of the book we found most informative. MySpace was sold too…Read More


Recently I read Nicholas Carlsons fantastic book on Yahoo entitled Marissa Mayer and The Fight to Save Yahoo. Below I have paraphrased what I found to be valuable sections the full book is definitely worth the read and there are a lot of learnings on what to do and what not do when growing…Read More

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