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Swedish Thieves Turn to Wildlife Trafficking - The Atlantic

Which might be why Swedish thieves are embarking on ever more outlandish crimes, including a recent series of heists worthy of The Fast and the Furious . Imagine breaking into the back of a moving delivery truck by night and stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products. Now imagine reaching for that truck from the hood of a car traveling 50 miles an hour, its lights off to avoid detection. After enduring several such attacks, the Swedish postal service, PostNord, busted the highway robbers by wiring a truck with cameras, filling it with Apple products, and waiting. On a road somewhere between Vara and Alingss, in southwest Sweden, the robbers took the bait, and cops moved in. Criminals are more interested in high-value goods now, says Alexis Larsson, PostNords head of security and claims. This trend will probably increase as less cash is available.