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Distributed Bytes: The simplest designs are usually the best

It seems like every time I turn around I find someone else describing their product, API, architecture or service as beautiful or elegant. I believe the use of these terms in tech was pioneered by Apple Inc. or more specifically the late Steve Jobs. Jobs and Apple have been the defacto gold standard for design since the first iPod was released and have inspired generations to think about design as a first class concept in not only products and services but also APIs and architectures. One word that is constantly associated with the perception of elegance, cleanliness and beauty is simplicity / simple. Simple design is not an excuse for poor design but rather a concerted effort to directly meet a need as efficiently and effectively as possible and without unnecessary elements. A simple product does exactly what it promises, no more, no less. Developers and architects often try to over-engineer solutions for several reasons. Over-engineering is typically motivated by a need to;