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The principles of a decentralized web

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The principles of a decentralized web

September 8, 2015

In this article I will briefly introduce the my three key aspects that a decentralized web I think should have.

  1. Users are in Control of their data
  2. Interoperability across the services on the web and
  3. Portability of the data

Hopefully, I will go deeper in the next few days. In the meantime, please tell me what are the principles that you care about and how we can extend this.

I am soon going to set up a mailing list for MIT, Harvard friends and passionates, please ping me if you want to get involved @nicolagreco.

Update: The post is trending on HackerNews and I would like to point out something to the readers. This post is an introductory post and the aim of this post is to continue to spark and foster interest in this field as well as starting the conversation of What are the principles that matter to you and why?

- Nicola Greco, Keep on rocking the decentralized web

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