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The worlds best sleepy-time media Track Changes

The worlds best sleepy-time media

In 2016 it is a normal thing to go to bed with earphones in your ears and your phone playing something soothing. Washes of noise are never far awayfor example, you can listen to crashing waves on Spotify (that track I just linked has nearly 14 million listens).

Personally I find that just too soothingI feel spoiled and lazy laying there listening to streaming beach sounds. Im not actually at the beach. Should I go to the beach? Ulgh, I need to go to the beach. Do I have sandals? What am I even doing? Should I also invest in fancy night-time herbal cremes and apply bee-pollen poultices to my forehead as I recline in a mountain of quilted goosedown?

Instead, since I was a kid and had access to a clock radio, Ive liked to go to bed listening to something substantive. Apparently there are a lot of people like mewitness the popularity (ongoing) of the Sleep With Me podcast, which consists of someone telling a very boring story or expounding on a very boring subject in a very boring manner. Some example episodes:

These are popularand genuinely boring!but I find the whole conceit a little self-conscious (while also admiring the creators). ButWhy make something boring when theres so much boring media already out there? Lets recycle the terrible media we already have!

What I like in my sleepy-time media is just a hint of virtueto find something that should be interesting and informative, plug it into my ears, congratulate myself briefly for making use of every possible moment of the day to learn and understand new things, and then immediately go straight into the deepest possible sleep. I need to convince myself that Im doing something meaningful in order to finally disengage, if that makes sense. Its a little pitiful, I know, but there you go.

In case you are similarly afflicted, here are some of my favorite sleepy-time audio sources, the ones guaranteed to turn your brain to a soft gelatin in the shortest amount of time.

Pleasant dreams!

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