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3 years of hobby game development |


Nov/06/2011 was the day I released my first game to the public. It was named Kill All The Marcos and was played just by a few people. It was a game inspired by the meme X all the Y from Hyperbole and a half.

It was a bullet hell game in which you shot and kill spawning enemies before they killed you. It was created in game maker 8.1 and it felt like an expensive purchase at the time. I didn't knew I was buying my ticket for game development.


I decided to start with a bigger game. I had many ideas of games I would like to play (and make), the best ones:


The game I started working on was called Holgoryon. That was the name of a magic book which contained the instructions to build everything. The world makers would rip pages from the book and mix them together in a cauldron to build a new world until one day they dropped by "accident" the whole book in the cauldron.

I tried to recruit several friends to help with the game, but failed. Started working slowly in the game with some concepts and illustrations:

This was my drawing stage. I already knew how to code, but graphics were a problem. Holgoryon was a very cool idea, but too ambitious and I had to drop it. This failure helped me notice I had to work in smaller projects and it is when I discovered Ludum Dare.

A Bathtub Story

I started with LD23 with a game called A Bathtub Story still using Game Maker.

It felt great to make a game in under 48 hours.


This year I tried to get new proyects running and continued drawing.


The concept of Helldust was born:

It was supposed to make us better. We were promised a ticket to heaven, but we were just purchasing our doom. At first, we had more energy and our brain power increased. Soon we didn't have to sleep anymore. We bought more, we used more. The compound was known as PGB-75. We now call it helldust.

It was an RPG game based on using chemical enhancements instead of magic.

It remains as a concept, but development never really started.

Monster Interceptor

Skipped some Ludum Dares, but returned for LD28 with Monster Interceptor with a pulsar ray that allowed your ship to travel really fast. You only had one chance to save humanity.

I was really happy with this game and tried to make it a full game. I called this remake The Erebos.


This year was huge for game development and there were so many proyects.


Decided to get some professional help and hired an artist to continue with The Erebos now called Konrad. I really enjoyed working with a professional illustrator and we had some cool artwork.

Later I had some doubts about the proyect. I felt the game was not fun enough and cancelled it.


Another participation now for LD29 with Switcher. It was really well received and was played more than 1000 times.


Using #lowrezjam as a motivation I coded Gozira in a 32x32 pixels canvas. It was a cool restriction and really enjoyed making this game. The goal is to avoid getting hit and get the highest score you can.

Sand Rangers

Another game jam, now #spacecowboyjam and I made Sand Rangers a 2-player coop game in which you capture bad guys. Also a highscore game.

Mammoth Monkey Mole

Another LD game, Mammoth Monkey Mole. A puzzle game. This time I got help from a friend and we released a really complex game.

Shield Maiden

This time I was hooked by a challenge. Make a game in less than 13 kilobytes! The js13kgames challenge. I delivered Shield Maiden. A rogue-like game to capture the 4 horses of the apocalypse to prevent it from happening. I learned a lot from the size restriction.

Mammoth Monkey Mole for iPad

The original game felt really good and the iPad version is under development, hopefully it will be released in Q1/Q2 2015.

Paws of Fury

The last game of 2014, Paws of Fury. A game in which you fight other cats for the throne. Just like Switcher it was played more than 1000 times, a really nice surprise.


I am looking forward to next year, there are many good proyects on the way and it will be a great year for gamedev.

Victories and defeats

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