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Time Inc. Partners with Coinbase to Accept Bitcoin

Time Inc., one of the worlds leading media companies, announced today that it is now accepting bitcoin through an integration with Coinbase. Consumers can now pay for digital and print subscriptions ofFortune,Health,This Old Houseand print subscriptions ofTravel + Leisureusing bitcoin.

Time Inc. reaches more than 130 million consumers each month across multiple platforms. With this integration, were helping the company further engage and expand its audience by providing consumers with a convenient, secure and fast payment method for subscriptions.

We believe this is an important step in helping the publishing industry understand and explore new business models that can be enabled with bitcoin. Micropayments, for example, providean incredible opportunityfor content creators and media companies, allowing consumers to make small payments for content in an open network for the first time. We look forward to partnering with Time Inc. to explore this and other new applications of Bitcoin in the future.

Check out the following links to begin subscribing toFortune,Health,This Old HouseandTravel + Leisurewith bitcoin.

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