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Undergrad Math Tips

Tips for Success in Undergraduate Math Courses A guide by Jessica Purcell 2002, email: jasp ( at )

This guide was written with the calculus student in mind, though the tips are applicable to many undergraduate math classes. In the type of course this guide addresses, you will be successful if and only if you can do well on the exams. So essentially, this guide gives tips for doing well on your math exams.

The first thing to realize in this course is that you can't cram for your math exams. To be successful, you basically have to start at the beginning of the quarter and put in a lot of mathematical effort each week. In fact, if you follow the tips suggested, you may even find yourself working harder than you've ever worked before in a class. However, you'll feel your work paid off after your first successful exam.

Listed below are my study suggestions broken up into things to do daily, weekly, before, during, and after an exam to ensure you do well.

Good luck in the class this quarter. Remember to take advantage of the help of the TAs and instructor.

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