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Transfer Style But Not Color –

Transfer Style But Not Color

DeepArts are beautiful! Using, we can turn photos into beautiful pieces of art.

New York by night Picasso’s Seated Nude

But what if we want to keep the beautiful colors in the photograph and still draw it in the style of the great Picasso?

So far this wasn’t really possible, since our style transfer algorithm would also transfer the colors from the style image.

Well, we fixed that.

Together with Aaron Hertzmann andEli Shechtman, our collaborators at Adobe Research, we found a way to transfer only drawing style, but maintain the color composition of the original photo:

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Below you can flip through more examples. The first image is always the original photograph, followed by renderings in the style of five different artists (style images are shown at the end).

And here are the style images we used to generate these examples:

So what do you think? Do you like this new style transfer? Should we include this option on Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Posted on June 4, 2016June 9, 2016Author Leon Gatys

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