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In its simplest form, Troxes are triangular building bricks, ready to be combined with neighbors. How those neighbors connect and arrange is up to you. Without constraint, Troxes are units of a system far more complex, hinting at endless possibilities.

Troxes started with my desire to create a modern cardboard construction kit, one that builds forms from triangles, just like our computers do. The fundamental starting piece would be the equilateral triangle and the volumetric form would be combinations of tetrahedra. The project evolved from simple tetrahedra (4 sides) to octahedra (8 sides) and icosahedra (20 sides). Since 3 of 5 total Platonic Solids are based on the equilateral triangle, Troxes can combine to form almost anything! In fact, the platonic solids were once thought to construct everything in the universe.

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