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UBER is nothing but jerks. - Imgur

Just want to vent and hopefully stop anyone else from wasting their time. I believe the UBER ATC is disguising research as fake job interviews. I recently applied to be a development vehicle operator for one of the self-driving vehicles. They were looking for driving experience as well as technical experience which I feel I have a lot of. Now the interview process consisted of a "Homework" question. The question was what a safe and focused driver would do to navigate a left turn at a 4-way stop. I spent 3 hours making a nice presentation on everything a person would need to do. I submitted it and passed making it to a phone interview and a 3 hour onsite interview. I arrived at the onsite interview and was told that I would be taking a driving test. This was completely unexpected but it made sense at the moment. I got in a vehicle with two other people and we drove to a hotel downtown and to a sports stadium. The person in the front seat asked various questions like "where would you want to be picked by a self driving car in this area" After we got back to the office, I was placed in a conference room with 2 more people. I was told to take a marker to the white board and again explain the process of everything a vehicle needs to do to navigate a 4 way stop. The last part was a technical interview about using a computer which I aced. The whole time I was excited and acted like a kid in a candy store. The office was cool, what they were working on was awesome and I really wanted to be a part of it and i'm sure it showed. I was told I would hear back the next day. I sent my thank you email expressing to them how awesome the interview experience was and how it would be a great opportunity. I never got a response. After a week I still did not receive a response. I decided to call adecco who was doing the recruiting for it. I asked my contact if I would hear from her or uber directly. She tells me she did not even know I had an interview with them. She then tells me that they were looking for 40 people and they had passed on everyone because "No one seemed like they wanted to be there" This was completely wrong. I showed nothing but excitement during my interview. She then tells me that Uber had changed the job from direct hire to Temp to Hire and that they now want 500 people. She said she did not know how this was even possible and it doesn't seem like they want to hire anyone. I believe that Uber is gathering data on how people drive for their autonomous vehicles and disguising it as fake interviews to get out of paying people for their time. I also feel that spending 6 to 8 hours in an interview and not hearing anything back directly from the company is completely rude and unprofessional. Edit* I will also add that they advertised a pay of 50K to 80K Full Time with benefits. Wow i was not expecting this feedback! I just wanted to make you all aware. I cant believe this! you guys rock! ill try to get this out everywhere! UPDATE* I have been in contact with some media outlets. I will post any links I get! Thanks everyone UPDATE 5/27/2016 I just got off the phone with a local reporter who has a big theory about what is going on. I will post when its available!



UPDATE: 5/28/2016 I spoke with a local reporter who has been investigating uber. She stated that they are currently facing an 11 million dollar fine for operating illegally in Pittsburgh. I was also told that since they have been in the city, Uber has yet to create any new jobs. It seems that they just shuffled their own people around. The last thing she mentioned was that she feels that they are sort of holding the city hostage and that the "Interviews" could also be a way of trying to show the city that they are attempting to create new jobs. Seems like they are trying to get out of paying that fine.

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