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Welcome to Windows XP Service Pack 4 - Discussion Board

Windows XP SP4 Unofficial Final Version 3.1b is now available! NOTICE [October 19, 2019]: Express your views regarding suggested RyanVM shutdown here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22279 UPDATE [June 7, 2019]: Post-SP4 Update Pack released!

This final update pack should be applied to Windows XP installation media immediately after slipstreaming

SP4 v3.1b

to a Windows XP RTM/SP1/SP2/SP3 source. This will update installation media to May 2019, including every single update released until the POSReady 2009 end-of-life in May 2019.

To integrate this update pack:

1. Download

from the

Post-SP4 Update Pack

Cloud folder, link: ... j7Zw4S29Tq

2. Extract zip contents

3. Double click slipstream.bat and follow on-screen instructions (you need to provide the path to the directory containing both CMPNENTS and I386 folders).


If you want .NET Framework 3.5 not to be installed by default, after completing steps 1-3: copy and overwrite the netfx35.in_ file in the I386 folder of Windows XP installation media from the file

in the

Post-SP4 Update Pack

Cloud folder (download link: ... Yw_YVD9v7c



the istart\netfx35.in_ from the same zip archive

only if you are slipstreaming to Windows XP Starter installation source


Windows XP SP4 Final Update Pack Debugging Symbols Update (original files from Microsoft Symbols Server):

(Also available from the 'Debugging Symbols Update' Cloud folder) ... Z-3RNo5U69 UPDATE - 15 OCT 2018: For novice users that do not want to wait for 20-30 minutes after installing XP SP4 AND rebooting For all .NET haters... A NEW RELEASE OF UNOFFICIAL SP4 3.1B WITHOUT .NET FRAMEWORK

This release will not install .NET Framework in both live and slipstreamed install, unless:

- Media Center Edition is used -> .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 is installed

- Tablet PC Edition is used -> .NET Framework 1.0 SP3 is installed

Users can still install .NET FWs of their choice from the Add/Remove Components wizard in Control Panel

This alternative SP4 release is called:

WindowsXP-USP4-v3.1b-NODOTNET-x86-ENU.exe In addition, XP SP4 OEM Preinstallation Kit ISOs with SCSI drivers, and an updated MUI ISO have been released!

More information can be found at the side notes below.

Removing the POSReady registry hack with XP SP4 OPK:

You should remove the POSReady registry hack, that allows for XP SP4 to receive updates for POSReady 2009, when:

1. You no longer want to receive POSReady updates (

e.g. non-SSE2 systems that have been silently dropped by Microsoft since August 2018


2. You have uninstalled SP4 from your system.

3. You want to use the Product Key modification tool found below - you can reapply the POSReady hack afterwards

4. You want to activate Windows by phone (Internet activation is no longer available) - you can reapply the POSReady hack afterwards.

To achieve this, you have to boot your computer from this ISO: ... WUdim2Kszu

and follow the instructions at this video: ... Y2TJsEtrGd IMPORTANT NOTICE: All SP4 users running SP4 v3.1a or earlier must delete this registry key to receive the latest WU updates: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WindowsEmbedded The file in Google Drive contains a reg file that will automate the task. Double-click on the reg file, click Yes on the popup message and you're done! Just make sure you have administrative privileges! No further action is needed. SP4 v3.1b is intended only for new installations and removes just this key.

SP4 v3.1b is the final build I intend to release. Thank you all for your support and assistance all these years.

Windows XP official support has ended. Many users - including me - who won't be able to upgrade their old machines to a newer OS would like to easily install all Windows updates in one convenient package. For this reason I started working on a Service Pack 4 package in September 2013.

Windows XP Unofficial SP4 ENU is a cumulative update rollup for Windows XP (x86) English. It can be applied to a live Windows XP system which has SP1,

at minimum

, installed or it can be slipstreamed (integrated) in any Windows XP installation media.

It includes updates for most Windows XP components, including MCE and Tablet PC. Request-only hotfixes have been included. Currently, Microsoft .NET Frameworks 4.0, 3.5, 1.1 and 1.0 (Tablet PC only) are included in the Windows XP SP4 package. In addition, all post-eol updates for .NET Framework 1.1, 3.5 and 4.0 until

January 2016

have been included. The .NET 1.x, 3.5 versions are automatically installed/updated in live installations. Only Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is enabled by default in integrated installation. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 will be always installed if Media Center Edition is present.

If you download the


you can also scan Windows Update for POSReady updates, because the POSReady trick has been included.

Windows XP SP4 security enhancements:

Windows XP SP4 includes registry updates to enhance security. I want to thank Stefan Kanthak, a security expert who has kindly given me the necessary information. These security enhancements address issues

not fixed by Microsoft updates


This is an example of security vulnerabilities fixed by Stefan's registry updates: Windows XP SP4 Documentation



Cloud folder contains all Windows XP SP4 documentation files.

Windows XP Unofficial SP4 Download Locations: Verification information and description: WARNING! This thread is the most trusted download location for Windows XP Unofficial SP4. Although some other sites can be trusted, users download at their own risk. Generally avoid other untrusted download locations! DISCLAIMER: The author shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to your system. It is strongly recommended that you test this update before deployment! Please contact me at You can also post you comments below. NOTE

: Before installing SP4 on a system with many post-SP3 updates installed, follow the steps described here (do not restart your PC after applying these steps, just run the SP4 installer and then reboot): ... log-files/

This will prevent a common error message: "Failed to install catalog files".

Although the SP4 installer takes steps to automatically delete these files, it may require manual intervention in some cases.

ALL SP3 installer-related Knowledge Base Articles apply to SP4 as well. SIDE NOTES: 1. Windows XP Unofficial SP4 can be used in English only. Howewer, it is possible to translate to other languages using MUI packs. SP4 v3.1b MUI, updated October 2018: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10321&p=145117#p145117 Legacy info (no longer available for download): ... 755#140755 2. At first reboot after SP4 is installed on a 'live' system, setup will run several .NET-related tasks in the background. This will make your computer temporarily slower and you may unable to install/remove software during that time. It is thus recommended you wait until all pending processes have been completed. This willl take about 20-30 minutes and you can roughly tell by the CPU usage in the Task manager. The on-screen keyboard will not work in TABLET PC EDITION after first reboot. This is normal; it will reappear at next reboot.

3. MS may release new updates for .NET Framework according to ... ducts.aspx

Windows XP SP4 v3.1 by default SHOWS .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0 updates from the Control Panel.

To HIDE these updates run this reg file: ... Tg2TzJVeTA 4. If you're using .NET Framework 4.0

make sure you run:

%systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ngen.exe executequeueditems every time you install a new update or application for .NET Framework

. This will boost system's performance and ensure reliability.


There is an issue with post-sp4 .NET FW 4.0 updates I would like to report, which is not caused by the SP4 itself. (Also applies to legacy v2 of Unofficial SP4).

Scenario: Install SP4 -> Enable .NET Framework 4.0-> Run Windows Update Manual Check. -> Install Updates -> reboot -> Installed all updates successfully -> Run Windows Update Manual Check.

You will get the .NET Framework 4 GDR update (KB2468871) in the optional updates.

Reason: This happens because one of the newest updates deletes the:

HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile\KB2468871" and

HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended Profile\KB2468871"registry keys.

These keys are necessary to satisfy the WU detection algorithm for the XP product family (not the POSReady one), but they play no other significant role whatsoever; this is actually a flaw in WU detection algorithm.

SOLUTION: You can let Windows Update download and install the update automatically (it should not be removed afterwards).

5. Apply the patches in selectively: The files inside the OC-PATCHES subfolders will change the default installation state of each respective component in slipstreamed install. The files in 4GB_PATCH directory will add support for 4GB+ RAM. You just need to copy-paste the files in a SP4v3-slipstremed installation disk and reinstall Windows. YOU WILL LOSE THE 4GB+ PATCH IF A FUTURE HAL/KERNEL UPDATE GETS INSTALLED ON YOUR SYSTEM. To enable .NET Framework 4.0 and other components automatically at Runonce follow Kurt_Aust's instructions here: ... 756#140756 6. Windows XP SP4 Source Files:

These files have been used to build Windows XP SP4 Final (legacy version). They are provided to You under a

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

. Download available at the

Unofficial SP4 Source Files

Cloud Folder.

MD5: 50FF5BB78E7F93C2E219974F382D7EF2 7. Windows XP Debugging Symbols:

For the convenience of any developer who would like to test software on Windows XP SP4 or improve the functionality of Windows, I provide a complete list of debugging symbols available for Windows XP SP4 at the

Windows XP Debugging Symbols

Cloud Folder. Remember that Windows XP SP4 is a retail, not checked build - and cannot be applied to checked builds of Windows XP. (For more information about checked builds visit: ... ifferences

). There are 3 files inside that folder:



: Contains all updated symbol files for Windows XP Unofficial SP4 version 3.1b. Symbols files downloaded from Microsoft Symbol Server. Some updated files do not have matching symbols. For these files, you can refer to the original SP3 and MCE 2005 update 2 ones, available for download from the same folder. 7z file content was created using the symchk.exe tool from the Windows 10 Debugging tools kit.





: Contains all Windows XP SP3 Build 5512 Retail debug symbols. Original ISO from MSDN.





: Contains Media Center 2005 Update 2 Debug symbols. Original ISO from MSDN.


6389aa7334ff226aaba6ff11889b2d7fe01e3db1 8. Windows XP OEM Preinstallation Kit: viewtopic.php?p=145116#p145116

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