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Listening, Growing and Adapting - Veertu

Its been nine months since we launched Veertu Native, the first version of our native MacOS virtualization platform based on Apples Hypervisor.framework. In these nine months, Veertu Native has seen significant adoption, and we are learning a lot from our users. We are also growing as a company. We expanded our development team with excellent developers, who are equally passionate about development on MacOS.

We have been busy in the past couple of months prioritizing user feedback, developing features and now we are ready to announce them.

This product release addresses some of the key items from the user feedback. It includes support for bridged networking and USB Pass Through and is now available as Veertu Desktop download outside the AppStore on our website. While we are very excited about being able to continue development on Veertu Desktop, we are also sad about taking this application out of the App Store. We explored various methods to make these new features work with sandboxing restrictions of the App Store, but it seems that this is not possible. So, we had to remove Veertu Native and Veertu Business from the AppStore.

Veertu Desktop leverages privilege separation model. It uses privileged resources only on demand basis for when you enable bridged networking support.

Our existing users can choose to continue to use the version they have installed, or they can switch to Veertu Desktop version. We have implemented capability in Veertu Desktop to migrate existing VMs from Veertu Native to Veertu Desktop, during the install process.

Being part of Mac App Store has great benefits, and we hope to be back in there as soon as possible.

We are also excited about one more thing. We are making Veertu Desktop Open source. It will be available on

and will continue to be developed and maintained. We have also been working on innovative technology in the area of increasing velocity of application development on MacOS, iOS, and other Apple mobile platforms. Stay tuned for more updates on our Twitter channel and keep sending us your feedback.

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