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June 2016 - People Centered Internet

People-Centered Internet Newsletter humanity is our greatest asset Volume 1, Issue 1 | June 2016

Introducing the People-Centered Internet Newsletter

By Vint Cerf

The People Centered Internet is an initiative intended to vector Internet evolution steadily towards increasing benefit for the users of the Internet.

It is widely recognized that broadband access to the Internet enables many applications, including streaming video, video conferencing, and interactive access to large scale data repositories and processing power. Low-latency applications are facilitated by broadband access, including sophisticated simulations. While the UN Strategic Development Goals promote widespread implementation of sustainable and affordable broadband Internet access, among other things, the People Centered Internet initiative seeks to enhance the utility of the Internet’s applications and information to improve the lives of billions on this planet.

The permissionless innovation that the Internet invites is a key ingredient that enables contributions of innovators, wherever they are situated, to reach the global population of Internet users. Billions of users are getting their first taste of Internet utility through smart phones and, with increasingly-broadband access, through the use of tablets, laptops and other devices, including a wide range of appliances.

We are entering a period when artificial intelligence as a service is becoming a reality in the cloud computing domain. The Internet facilitates access to highly advanced applications – even if the users are not located in proximity to such computing resources. As information accumulates in the Internet, more and more elaborate and sophisticated processing methods increase the value of the data contained in and accessible through the network. For example, 3D printing is inverting the means by which new designs and devices are produced, shipping device design data through the net to be produced at the edges and assembled by the recipients.

This is an era of increasing access to knowledge and know-how, providing new opportunities for economic growth and improved well-being on a global scale. All of us engaged in the People Centered Internet initiative hope you will find the information in this newsletter useful, and that you will find gratifying ways to join us in delivering enhanced value from the Internet and its connected resources.

Vint Cerf, Chairman, People Centered Internet Initiative. Widely known as a Father of the Internet, Vint Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet.


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  2. Why the SDG and the PCI initiative go hand in hand. By Gary Bolles
  3. Update from the U.S. Department of State. By Manu Bhardwaj
  4. The Internet is Made of People. By Steven Huter
  5. Internet of Women.By Monique J. Morrow
  6. Why cultural intelligence is crucial in building a people-centered Internet.By Cosmin Gheorghe

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